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See what our Customers have been saying about us:

April 2017
Just want to say thank you for the excellent job you did on repairing the cluster on my 1992 Nissan 240sx. I looked everywhere to try to get it repaired with no luck. Parts or replacment clusters are no longer available and no other shop would touch it except for you. I got it back from you today and installed it. It works like a charm. You are the best. Thanks again for the extra effort you put into it.
James B. - Mokena, IL (1992 Nissan 240SX Instrument Cluster)

December 2014
Hi Tom. Thanks very much for doing an excellent job fixing the cluster on my Silverado. I'm sure glad I took your advice on the blue LED upgrade on the cluster lights, Completely changes the whole look of the dash at night. I'm very pleased. I will be sending everybody I come across with the same problems to you.
Wayne E. - St. Adolphe, MB (2003 Chev Silverado Instrument Cluster)

October 2014
I received the unit and verified it is working by hooking up. Thank you very much for the wonderful job. I have been suffering nearly 2 years. Thinking back two summers and 2 winters without ECS, I feel like crying. Wish you get a lot more business and save the world of 2004 LS430 and others. Good luck !!!!!
D. Kim - Seattle,WA (2004 Lexus LS430 Multi Function Display)

May 2014
Hello,just like to say thanks for the excellent job you did on fixing my cluster on the 2003 Chev truck,your prompt and courtious service and the quickness of returning the item was great,if anyone needs a speedo repair I will recommend Mr.Whizard to them.
Kelly A. - Moose Jaw, SK (2003 Chev Silverado Instrument Cluster)

January 2013
It has been just about 4 years since you repaired the instrument cluster (speedometer) on my '98 Nissan Frontier (check engine light would not go out due to incorrect speed sensor signal from speedometer).  The unit has worked perfectly since your repair.  Thanks for your excellent service.
Robert Bingham - Graham, NC (1998 Nissan Frontier Instrument Cluster)
July 2012

Thanks for restoring the speedo cluster to my 1999 Nissan Frontier. The Nissan dealer told me that it was un-repairable and I was actually thinking of junking the vehicle since none of the gauges worked. Your service was prompt and now all the gauges work perfectly. Outstanding!
Fred Stevens - Daly City, CA (1999 Nissan Frontier Instrument Cluster)
April 2011

Just wanted to let you know that the cluster has been in the vehicle for a week now and works flawless, in fact whatever you did made my fuel gauge work- which hadn't been accurate for about 3 years now.  Thanks again for your service and you guys are the best!

It's not everyday where a company does what they say, and in a timely fashion.    

Thanks again,
Terry Dixon - Amboy, WA (1998 Nissan Frontier Instrument Cluster)
October 2010
I received my repaired instrument cluster back from you. All that I had to do was just plug it in and it works great. All with-in one weeks time you had my cluster repaired and had it back to me. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job and having it back to me so quickly. You truly are a Wizard, Mr. Whizard. There is no more guessing how much fuel is in my tank with a faulty gas gauge. There is no more guessing what my speed is now that the speedometer is repaired. I can't thank you enough.

Thanks again

Rusty Bingham - La Center, WA (1998 Nissan Frontier Instrument Cluster)
April 2010

Thank you for your help over the phone regarding my 2001 Camaro speedometer! Not only does it work now, I saved the trip to the mechanics for a diagnostic fee.  You were very professional and a pleasure to speak with.  Thank you again!
Jarrod  (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
February 2010 
I received my instrument panel on 02-09-10. Installed it back in my 2004 GMC Sierra pickup. Went for a test drive...Wow..it worked just liked you promised. Great job. Everything works as it should. You saved me two to three hundred dollars or even more!! Thank you very much for your honest business and doing exactly what you said you would for the price you said it would cost.
Timothy Everett - Muskogee , Oklahoma (2004 GMC Sierra 1500)
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service.  I received the instrument panel in good condition, you packed it very well.  It works great!  I should have sent it to you a couple of years ago when it first started acting up.  It's great having all displays working again.
Dave Harvey - Rolling Hills Estates, CA (1994 Olds Bravada Instrument Cluster )
June 2009

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to thank you so much for fixing my 2004 GMC Sierra Instrument Cluster. It works just like new and even looks cleaner. I didn't even check what GM would of charged for a whole new cluster but I'm positive it would of been multiple times of what you charged. Once again thank you so much, and if I hear of any friends with an instrument cluster problem, Mr. Whizard Technical Services will be the first company I recommend.


Brandon Chojnacki - Gaylord, Michigan (2004 GMC Sierra 1500)
November 2008
Just a few words of praise; Just like all the rest, I too received my 1998 Nissan Instrument panel back in a timely fashion and upon install it worked just like it did the first time I laid eyes on it. I strongly reccomend any one having problems with their instrument panel to contact Mr. Whizard. Problem solved.
Thanks Tom
Darrell Hollis - Roberta, GA (1998 Nissan Frontier Instrument Cluster)



September 2008 

Just want to send a note of thanks to you for the repair of my
Nissan Frontier instrument cluster. You saved me over 400 dollars
compared to what Nissan would charge, then they didn't even have
the parts available either. So thanks again! P.S. I think I'll
give my Nissan dealer a call and let them know that there is
someone who fixes these things! They might want to pass this
info on to other Frontier owners with the same problem!

Glen Outhuse -  Palmer, MA (1998 Nissan Frontier Instrument Cluster)



June 2008 

Would like to thank you for the great job fixing my instrument cluster  on my 93 T-Bird. Works like it was brand new. Looks like the dust was
even cleaned off of it. Appreciate the great service and friendly nature of your business approach. Any questions were answered in a courteous and timely manner. Other companies could take lessons from you. Will definitely recommend your service to anyone who has a problem with their instrument clusters.

D. Anderson - Alcoa, TN (1993 Ford Thunderbird Instrument Cluster)


February 2008


Hi Tom,    

I wanted to let you know that I received the Instrument Cluster for
1999 Frontier, and it works great! I had to say thank you for
the fast turnaround and the great customer service. The Nissan
dealer wanted me to replace the speedo first and then go from
there. The cost of the speedo alone was $204.00. As you well
know, the clusters for this type of vehicle are almost impossible
to find and the dealers cannot get them (or diagnose them it seems).
I also appreciate the fact that when I called your shop, I was
given great
customer service. Please feel free to use me as a reference
if you so desire.

Thanks Again,

Don Cummins - Blaine, WA (1999 Nissan Frontier Instrument Cluster)


I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you did on the repair of the instrument cluster for my 1993 Lexus LS400. If you recall my cluster would only operate when the temperature was about 55 degrees or more outdoors which is unacceptable since I live near Boston. The gas needle was sticking and the tachometer needle was partially black. My Lexus dealer quoted some outrageous price to replace the cluster. If memory serves me correctly it was in the $2,000 range. Since our sons are going to be driving this car we nearly got rid of it because it would not be safe without an operating speedometer. Instead a friend found you on the web and for less than $200 we have a fully functional car that runs like a top.  Thanks for your great service.


Paul Esdale - Andover, MA (1993 Lexus LS400 Instrument Cluster)



Tom, I want to say thank you for the great job that you done on
the instrument cluster for my sons 1998 Nissan Frontier.  We put it in
as soon as it got here and worked like it was new.  Before, we took
it to two other repair shops and they said that it could not
be fixed, after spending money for them to fix it and it still
didn't work, you were our only choice since you cannot get
these clusters anywhere.  You have fixed our problem and
guaranteed it for 2 years and we want to say thanks.

Ronnie Hixson - Ten Mile, TN (1998 Nissan Frontier Instrument Cluster)


November 2007


Thank you and your staff for the great turn around time. The work you guys 
do is got to be top of the line. Everyone was very helpful that talked to me, 
and also a top notch company like yours is a place no one should fear getting 
ripped off. My cluster works great  now.            
Paul Hubbard- New Haven, IN (1997 Pontiac Grand Am Instrument Cluster)


October 2007


I am very glad I sent my instrument panel to you for repair. You performed the work in the prescribed time frame to include shipping (2 weeks). After I re-installed the instrument panel, all gauges worked, lights I did know I had came on and it is operating like a brand new panel. This is an easy letter to write and I will be more than glad to send and recommend business your way. Thanks for your professionalism, honesty and supporting your statements with action, timeliness and most of all keeping your word and promises.


Very happy and glad I picked Mr. Whizard for the technician to repair my instrument panel.


Harold Wall - Aiken, SC (1992 Mercedes 500SL Instrument Cluster)


September 2007


It's been a little over a week since my Impala instrument cluster arrived.  It works perfectly.  If you want, you can add my testimonial to your collection:

I am totally pleased with the service Mr Whizard provided.  First, it included detailed instructions on how to remove the instrument panel and cluster from my 2004 Impala.  I would have been lost without that.  Then, my speedometer started working correctly before I sent it in, so I drove the car another 7000 miles until I got tired of the intermittent failures.  The UPS label that Mr Whizard sent was still valid after all that time.  I boxed up the cluster in the best box I could find, which wasn't perfect.  I used paper as the cushioning material.  In less than two weeks, the cluster was back.  It was in a better box with foam peanuts to protect it.  It looked brand new, and worked better than new.  The price was slightly less than I had anticipated, perhaps due to a small advantage in the Canadian exchange rate.  In short, this was one of the best choices I have made.  I recommend Mr Whizard to anyone who needs to have their instrument cluster repaired.


Tom Bird - Mineola, TX (2004 Chevy Impala Instrument Cluster)


March 2007


Mr. Whizard;


Thank you SO much for the repair of my speedometer...the Chevy dealership
quoted a price of over $400. When I emailed your company, I received a
speedy reply, when I called, a 'human' answered the phone...the repair and
turn-around was less than 10 days...the cluster works great, the price was
great and I am truly grateful. In the society we live in today, it is
refreshing to find this type of excellent customer service,especially when
it's done strictly on-line and there isn't the face-to-face
relationship.....once again, thanks so much!


R. Kirkland - Tuscaloosa, AL (2004 Chevy Impala Instrument Cluster)


May 2007
Many thanks for a successful fix of the Tacho on my Acura NSX instrument cluster. Others failed but you succeeded.  The dashboard is rebuilt and the car is back on the road. A good job. Thank You.
Everard Walton - Cape Coral, FL (1991 Acura NSX Instrument Cluster)


I was somewhat skeptical of sending my valued instrument cluster ('89 Chevy S-10 Blazer) to an unknown shop in the far Northlands.  But the Mr. Whizard website and testimonials won me over and I couldn't be happier with the service.  My dark speedometer digits now display brightly, plus my oil pressure gauge was repaired and I wasn't even aware it was not registering properly. The whole process was smooth and easy--including several toll-free phone calls for advice, UPS-tracked shipping, and getting the repaired cluster back in 11 days.  I haven't encountered such superb customer service in years, Internet or otherwise. 
D. Larison - Longmont, CO (1989 Chevy Blazer Digital Instrument Cluster)
November 2006
I received the repaired cluster for my Lexus LS400 today and installed it immediately.  I am very happy to report that everything works perfectly.  I finally have a working gas guage and all of the instrument lights are bright.  I can't thank you enough for doing everything as advertised...including a quick turnaround time on the repair.  You saved me lots and lots of money....YEAH.   Feel free to use me as a reference. 
M. Smith - Washington, DC (1993 Lexus LS400 Instrument Cluster)


April 2007

Got my dash back today and put it back in, what can I say, great
job, great turn around time, great communication, highly satisfied.
Thanks to all of you!
J. Kmetz - Hammond, IN (1992 Olds Cutlass Digital Instrument Cluster)


October 2006



Got my electronic dash back for my 92 Seville yesterday and hooked it up. Its another success story. You saved me thousands of dollars. The GM replacement unit sells for $1,790.00, add in the cost for the dealer to diagnose and to remove and reinstall another   $600.00 +.  Also my hat is off to you for having such a great web site. Your website allowed me to finally pin-point the problem with my car and another bonus, diagrams to remove the defective unit.  I was online for  weeks corresponding with so called experts who did not have a clue what was wrong with my car. I just happened to come across your site and your typical problem description was an exact match of the problem I was experiencing. Thanks for the prompt service.

R. Tomasikiewicz - Lockport, NY (1992 Cadillac Seville Instrument Cluster) 


December 2006
Hi Tom
I received the repaired cluster for my 1994 Blazer today and installed it at once after one and a half week shipping from Norway and back again.  Everything works perfectly as I thought. I will thank you one more time for doing everything as advertised and much faster than you wrote to me. Feel free to use me as a reference. I will recommend you to any of my friends if they have a similar problem.
With best regards
L. Buxrud - Trondheim, Norway (1994 Chevy Blazer Digital Instrument Cluster)

Hi Tom;


I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done.  I was a little skeptical at first to send the cluster for my 94 Lexus LS to your company.  But after receiving it back in the amount of time that you promised, and the repairs working great I was very pleased.  I was also happy that you supplied the instructions on how to remove it, a piece of cake!!  I would recommend your service to anyone in need of a repair for their cluster's.
Mike Cardillo - West Paterson, NJ (1994 Lexus LS400 Instrument Cluster)



Dear Mr. Whizard:


Please feel free to use the following as a testimonial:


I have a 1986 Cadillac Eldorado.  Recently the dash display stopped working.  When I was quoted a price of over $500 by the dealer to “possibly fix the problem” I declined.  During an Internet search I found the Mr. Whizard website promising to fix the display for $189.00.  I figured it was too good to be true but I gave it a shot!  When the unit was returned it did not work.  I called Mr. Whizard.  He asked me to send another component for him to look at.  That was returned and still no dash lights!  He then worked with me to determine the problem to be a faulty Driver Information Center display.  He fixed this unit and….Everything works!  I am certain that a dealer would have tried to charge me  3 times over.  Mr. Whizard worked with me to diagnose the problem and persisted until it was solved.  Not once did I hear, “send more money”.  I am not one to be easily impressed but Mr. Whizard is a man of his word.  I am completely satisfied with my Mr. Whizard experience and recommend him with every confidence and without reservation!  Thanks for a job well done.


F. Kirsch - Cazenovia, NY (1986 Cadillac Eldorado Digital Instrument Cluster)


October 2006


Hi Tom,


I received and installed the repaired IPC for my 1992 Olds Trofeo and it is working perfectly. The gauges all function properly, the data streams between the IPC and the BCM module are all up and live (no more B33x History codes), and climate control is operating correctly. Even Sunday and Monday with high humidity and rain, it operated fine.


Thanks very much, I am very satisfied with your team’s service and would recommend to any of my friends and co-workers contacting Mr Whizard if they have a similar problem.


Yours sincerely,


James Scott - Calgary, AB (1992 Olds Toronado Instrument Cluster)



October 2006 
Thanks, Tom for the prompt and great service. The instructions simplified my being able to do the work myself.  I received the panel, friday pm, as you stated. I installed it this am. and it works perfect, you also saved me a lot of money. I had estimates of up to $1200.00
for the repair. I will certainly tell my friends about your service.
L. Ranta - Santa Rosa, CA (1997 Chrysler Sebring Instrument Cluster)
August 2006
Dear Mr. Whizard,
I want to take this time to Thank you and your organization for repairing my instrument cluster in my 1989 Buick Regal. About a year ago, I took my vehicle to the Buick dealership in reference to the speedometer and the fuel gauge had stop working. After meeting with the service advisor of that dealership, he advised me that it would cost $800 to repair the problem. I told him thanks, but I could not afford that price. A whole year went by and I had to drive around not knowing how fast I was going and also, making frequent stops for gas. While searching on the inter-net I came across your ad and said to my self "what do I got to lose". After making contact with you and the price you quoted me, I took you up on your offer. For $149.00, my vehicle is like new again. Mr. Whizard you saved me $651.00. I want to say Thank you and your staff for a job well done and also I have told others about what you can do if they encounter the same problem. Once again, Thank you.
Ellis C. Sinclair - Macon, GA (1989 Buick Regal Digital Instrument Cluster)
Package arrived, complete with the check for the postage. Thank you. I am amazed at the level of service you offer and wish there was some easy way to spread the word. There are a lot of customer oriented companies out there on the web, but your company is head and shoulders above any other that I have dealt with.
C. Rasmussen - Calgary, AB  (1990 Nissan Maxima Digital Climate Control)
It's rare to find a company that offers a quality service at a reasonable price.
I normally don't send recommendation letters, but this is my second letter to your company.
You repaired a 1990 Olds dash for me back in August of 2005.
I wanted to give you an update on how the dash is performing. I am sure that potential customers would like to know if the repairs you make really last.
Six months after repair the dash is working the same as the day I installed it.
I have had absolutely no problems with it.
Feel free to use my comments on your web site.
Thanks again.
T. Owens - Atlanta, GA (1990 Olds Cutlass Digital Instrument Cluster)
Praise: My 1995 Impala is again whole.  I apologize for the delay in telling you how pleased I have been with your service.  You made the shipping simple, your repair makes my cluster work like new and your charges were very reasonable.  Businesses like yours are hard to find.
P. Thurn - Weatherford, TX (1995 Chevy Impala Digital Instrument Cluster)
Testimonial from a very pleased and satisfied 1994 LS400 customer.  Thanks for saving me at least $1000.  The Lexus dealer wanted $1400 and the local mechanic was nice enough to estimate $1200.  But you guys showed a clutz like me how to easly remove the digital display and fixed it for $189 with Free Shipping.  You returned the display in a week, and best of all it's been working great for almost a year.  Sorry it took me so long to say Thanks.  God Bless you guys!
L. Barnhill - Gaithersburg, MD (1994 Lexus LS400 Instrument Cluster)
Hello Tom,
Once again, I have to say that you guys are amazing! Working with you has indeed been a pleasure. This car was a gift to me from my brother in law. He had owned the car for five years and was unable to get the cluster repaired. You not only repaired the cluster, but did so quickly and at a great price. I appreciate your services and will definitely recommend you in the future. Please feel free to use my comments as a reference.
Christine McBee -  (1986 Chevy Corvette Digital Instrument Cluster)
I am an owner of a 1987 Chrysler New Yorker that I inherited with less than 40k original miles.  The car was in excellent shape.  It even had a digital LCD dash with voice prompts that I thought was pretty cool for a car that old.  Well, approximately 3 months into ownership the LCD dash went blank.  I called the local dealers only to discover that they wanted to charge me between $800-$1,000 to repair it.  That was too steep for me. So, even though I didn't have a speedometer, odometer, or fuel gauge illuminated I continued to drive my car out of necessity.  Luckily, I still had the trip odometer that told me the DTE calculations for gas mileage. 
Meanwhile I was constantly searching the car forums to see if others had a similar problem.   They did.  However I couldn't find anyone who had a suggestion on how to fix my cluster that didn't require either a lot of car knowledge or money (neither of which I possessed).  One night I did a Google search for the problem and stumbled upon your website.  I was curious, yet skeptical that you could do what was promised for $189. 
After a few more months of driving in the dark, I decided it was time to give Mr. Whizard a try.  Just taking apart the dash of my car (though relatively easy) was something I had never done.  I wasn't sure which part(s) I needed to send in, so I emailed you and within an hour had an answer.  I pulled the panel, wrapped it up and printed out the UPS label you had emailed to me.
I received an email telling me when the unit was received and when it had been repaired and was on its way back to me.  All in all it took about 3 weeks from the time it left my doorstep until it returned.  When I reinstalled the dash, I had an issue with the LCD illuminating briefly and then going dark again.  I phoned and spoke to you about the issue and you helped me troubleshoot the problem until we traced it to a loose connector in the back of the unit.  I must say I was impressed with the level of customer service and the quality of your work.
The dash is working beautifully.  I can't believe there are people who are needlessly paying $600-$800 more to a dealer to get the same work done.  Thank you for the great price, outstanding customer service and, most of all,for restoring my LCD dash to its working condition. 
Count me as one of your biggest fans who will quickly and without reservation recommend you to anyone I come across in the future who may need your service!
Andy Mason -  (1987 Chrysler New Yorker Digital Instrument Cluster)
I received my 1993 Chevy S-10 Blazer dash and installed it yesterday. Everything works awesome! It is so refreshing to have someone that does exactly what they say they will, for the price quoted and have no hidden charges. This has been a completly satisfying experience. In every way. From the detailed shipping instructions. To the lightning quick turn around time. I will be spreading the word locally about your top-notch service, without a doubt. Feel free to use this in your testimonials section. Thanks again, for everything.
Chris Lantz - Eau Claire, Wisconsin (1993 Chevy S-10 Blazer)
I have a 1993 Lexus LS400, and had problems with the dash "blacking out" on
cold mornings.  The dash would remain black for 10-15 minutes, and the gas
gauge was not working properly.  The lexus store stated there was nothing I
could do but buy a new unit which would have been over $1,000 and they said
that would not take care of the gas gauge.  Another repair shop in town said
the same thing.  I sent it to Mr. Whizard to give it a try, and now
everything is fixed and working great.  I have had the unit back for around
4 months now, and no problems at all.  A great place to do business with,
thank you for your help.

Josh Donley - North Carolina (1993 Lexus LS400)
Hello to all. This service is without a doubt long overdue and completely worth the price, {I did some comparative shopping}. Not only do they fix the problem they include a warranty, and for a small fee will offer an extended warranty!
Mr. Whizard does fantastic work. I  have a 980 point show vehicle, and I have and will continue to recommend the service to all that require a fix.
Vince Gibbons - Bolton, Ontario (1990 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo)

I had a problem with my Nissan Maxima instrument cluster not registering the correct speed. It would often still be registering when I was stopped. The local dealer was asking big dollars to repair this. When I first heard of Mr. Whizard, I did a few checks
and he appeared to be legitimate. I took the chance and shipped my $1000 cluster. It was sent Via Canada Post on Monday, and I had it back in my hands on Thursday. Winnipeg is over 800 miles from Calgary. So in less that a week, the cluster traveled over 1600
miles, with a short pit stop in the middle. But that is not all.
About a year later, my speedo quit again. Happily,when I looked at the warranty - the repair was covered for 2 years. I then called "Mr Whizard" and he said
there was no problem honouring the warranty if I wished to ship it back. However, after answering a few questions, he suggested that the speed sensor in the
transmission was more likely to be the cause of the problem. Not wanting to be without a speedometer again, even for a week, I took his advice and had my mechanic check it out. The sensor proved to be the problem, but it took the dealer a week to get the part
in stock!  Conclusion: Not only was the original repair handled professionally, so was the (non-)warranty work. I hope I don't have to call him again, but I wouldn't
hesitate to call "Mr Whizard" if I had a digital instrument cluster problem.

Brian LePargneux - Calgary, Alberta, Canada (1990 Nissan Maxima)

Hi Tom:
I'm the guy with the 99 camaro, from Canfield Ohio,  with the odometer and speedometer that did not work. First off, problem is solved!   More importantly, the time you spent with me on the phone giving technical information and pointers was huge in this fix. I could not even get that from the local repair shops. The problem was a pinched green/white wire at the connector where the cluster plugs in.  I lucked out as that is the  end i started at to trace the g/w wire back to the pcm.  Getting to the wire though was very difficult and time consuming.  Everything is back together now and fuctions just as it should.  Thanks again for your repair expertise.  Anybody that has an instrument cluster problem gets my recomendation to contact you. 
Bob Wittmann - Canfield, Ohio (1999 Chevy Camaro)
Hello Tom,

I received the cluster Tues. and had it installed yesterday...it works great.  Thanks for saving me money, being so fast with the turnaround, and communicating well with me. The shipping was easy with your clear directions.

Bob Pailet - Denver, Colorado (1993 Lexus LS400) 
I received my cluster back for my 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada yesterday and put it back in. Everything worked flawlessly on it. I just wanted to say thank you for not only your repair work, but caring enough to take the time to talk back and forth through emails as to whether  you could help me. In this day of the quick dollar I think many businesses could take your example and rethink their customer service. Everything in our business transaction from the first email to receiving my cluster back was nothing but first class. If you ever need a reference feel more than welcome to use me. Once again thank you!
Jerry Cope- Hamilton, Ohio (1999 Oldsmobile Bravada) 
This message is for Mr. Whizard.  I would like  to thank-you lots for repairing my dash.(Sebring Convertible)  All gages now work , and I'm so happy.  It feels good  to know that there are some honest people out there, because  you have saved me lots of money.(eight-hundred)  I would recommend you to anyone with the same problem anytime.   thank-you again
Maurice Britton - Windsor, Ontario (1997 Chrysler Sebring)
I would like to thank you and your company for doing such an excellent job fixing my instrument cluster.  Everything is working great.  You have outstanding customer service and reasonable prices. I will definitely highly recommend Mr. Whizard Technical Services.
Thank you again,
J. Kerr - LaGrange, Kentucky (1991 GMC Jimmy)
Hi, the instrument panel arrived today, I installed it and it seems to be
working fine.  I want to thank you for your prompt and professional
handling of this transaction as everything went very smoothly.  I was
somewhat apprehensive sending the unit out of the country and am now very
happy with the service I received.  Thanks again.
Robert Short - San Bernadino, California (1991 Buick Riviera)
You are absolutely awesome.  I sent my 1992 toronado dash to you.  It was fixed and is as good as new plus the turn-around on it was great.  Appreciate doing business with you - plus you saved me ALOT of money.  THANK YOU.
Shelley P. - Des Moines, Iowa (1992 Olds Toronado Trofeo)
Dear Mr. Whizard,
I'm just sending this note to say thanks for the great service.  You received my digital dash and repaired it on the same day, and sent it back to me the next day.  I received it at my local Post Office two days after you sent it, and I had it back in my vehicle the same day.  It's working as new, and your two year warranty along with the experience of your prompt and obviously competent service, has left me feeling very confident.  Thanks for doing exactly what you advertise, and what you told me I could expect during our phone conversations.  I really do appreciate this great service, and will enthusiastically recommend your service to others whenever possible.  This was truly the most satisfying business transaction that I have experienced in a long time.
Ross Strobel - Redcliff, Alberta (1994 Chevy S-10 Blazer)
Hi Tom,
I am really satisfied with your attention, honesty and professional help with the repair of the Blazer electronic  dashboard. I have installed it and it is working perfectly.
I am also glad to know that professionals, such as yourself, still exist in our world.
If needed, I am also available as a reference or for promoting your work in all of Latin America.
You are entirely welcome to use my name and/or my e-mail to promote your work on your site.
I have been in many places in the world, but have never to Canada. If I ever travel to your country, I will look you up.
Thank you, once again, for your wonderful help.
Best personal regards,
Frederico Neves - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (1993 Chevy Blazer)
Dear Mr. Jeroski,
A quick note to say thanks - I received the climate control which you repaired for my 89 Maxima yesterday.  I installed it last night and it is working perfectly.  Your service is exactly as promised; easy, prompt, and an excellent value ($119 US versus over $1,000 for a new control from a dealer or a couple of hundred-plus for who knows what from Ebay).
With best regards,
B. Mckenzie- (1989 Nissan Maxima)
I received the dash panel yesterday, THANKS! It works well and is already
reinstalled. '93 Blazer Digital Dash panel, repaired and returned as promised by Mr. Whizard, you've got my vote of confidence!                                 
Thanks again Tom, good luck to you and your business in the future!
Keith Joiner - Cincinnati, Ohio (1993 Chevy Blazer)

MR WHIZARD....YOU ROCK!!!  As an ex GM dealership employee, I was pleasantly surprised by your advertisment.  I even called my old repair center to see if they could at least "match" your price and warranty.  They said that they should sublet their repairs to you for that price.  I couldn't be happier!! (don't have to fill-up the truck every two days now because the wife thought she'd run out of gas...)  Thanks for the GREAT service and PRICE!!!
Name witheld by request (1992 Olds Bravada)
Hi Tom,
I just wanted to let you know I got my dash back and it works great.Thank
you for the speedy service. I will certainly recommend you to anyone down
here with dash problems.Thanks again!!

Jennifer McCourt - Remus, Michigan (1992 Olds Toronado Trofeo)

Hello Tom

Received the dash yesterday and installed it last night. All works well. Thank you so much for the quick responses to my questions and I am extremely impressed with the fast work and return of the dash. I never thought I could get it repaired that quickly or I would have done it sooner. If you should need a reference I would be more than happy to tell anyone about the excellent service and attitude you have shown me.

Thank You

Pierre Leroux - Orillia, Ontario (1991 Chevy Blazer Tahoe)


Received the dash back on Friday.  Installed Friday night.  Everything looks great. Thank you for great service and your extra effort in trying to get this back to me as soon as possible.  Being a very sceptical person I was very nervous about sending something out of country to be fixed.  You are all you say and more.  


John Hurley - Middlesex, New Jersey (1992 Chevy Blazer)